How to buy Safemars coin in Pancake Swap.

How to buy Safemars coin

Safemars is a binance smart chain-based cryptocurrency with was created in August 2021 by an unknown individual. safemars become famous among cryptocurrencies and were able to gain around 300k holders in a short period. You can find Safemars Market status on CoinsLive, CoinsGecko, CoinmarketCap, and on Many more websites.

How to buy Safemars coin?

As you know the Safemars is BinanceSmart Chain Based CryptoCurrency, Binance Smart Chain Crypto can be easily traded on BSC dex just by connecting your wallet on the Dex platform, As same as another BSC token, People can easily Buy and sell  Safemars on dex, PancakeSwap(Dex for Binance Smart Chan) and CEX exchange like, BKEX,, and  MEXC Global, So today I will teach you how can you buy Safemars coin on PancakeSwap, So follow my Step 

  1. Create a metamask/trust wallet 
  2. Buy some BNB from Binance or another exchange and transfer it to your metamask/ trust wallet. To trade BSC tokens we need BNB because BNB is the main Crypto for Binance smart Chain, so the fee to trade will be deducted from BNB.
  3. Once you loaded BNB on Your metamask/trust wallet Open PancakeSwap exchange and at the top navigation bar you see the option of Trade.  Click on the Trade Button after that trade area of pancakeSwap was will open, On the top end of the navigation bar you will see the option to connect your wallet, just click on it and connect your wallet, After you connect your wallet you will see the BnB balance you have on your wallet. 
  4. Now on output currency you will see CAKE by default, no click on it and paste Safemars Contract address the and import Safemars coin.
  5.  Setup slippage by clicking the small setting button, For both buying and selling slippage, is 4%.
  6. Input the amount of BnB you want to convert to Safemars coin and click on the swap, then conform your transaction on metamask, You need some bnb as gasfee to complete the transaction, You can use owlracle to Predict actual gas fee, and wait for a minimum of the 20s of your trade to success, Then congratulation you bought Safemars coin.

How does SafeMars Contract works?

The SAFEMARS smart contract applies a 4% fee on all transactions (buys/sells). Out of this, 2% is automatically distributed to holders, without farming! This means the number of tokens in your wallet will forever increase as people transact. This way IL has been avoided altogether and in effect, you get paid for just holding SAFEMARS.

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