How to earn through Owlracle

How to earn through Owlracle

Owlrace is not only for the web3 developers only its also a good source for marketers to make good amount of money through the owlracle referrals programs. Today we are going to see how can you make good amount of money by joining the owlracle referrals system for free.

Owlracle is build to support web3 ecosystem it provide different way’s for marketer to promote Owlracle to make passive amount of money through the services.

What is Marketing ?

According to the explanation of Investopedia, Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. Some marketing is done by affiliates on behalf of a company.

There are many types of marketing, Some of the popular marketing in the online world are, affiliates marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. which help to generate a good amount of money online.

What is Owlracel ?


Owlracle is an open-source gas oracle running predictions for multiple blockchain networks. It also provide a website and an API for retrieving Owlracle’s information, giving dapp developers easy access to gas information so they can use the actual gas rate for doing transaction on blockchain. The main moto of Owlracel is people should not spends more funds then required while doing the transaction on blockchain so it provides, different sources like, API, extension., Bots for users and developer to predict the gas price for transactions.

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How to join Owlracle Referrals programs.

The process to join Owlracle referrals program might be little bit different then of other products. If you want to join on Owlracle Referrals program then follow the steps mentions bellows.

  1. First, Visit the Owlracle official website using this link, Then on the right side of the Header menu you can see the API Input Fields, If you already have Owlracle API you can simply enter your API key to login to Owlracle else if you don’t have Owlracle API you can click the dropdown icon in the right side on Input Fields.
  2. On the Dropdown side of API input fields, You can see the New API key option and View Key Info Options, To create a new API key simply, click on the New API key, and the new Pop up windows will open.
  3. On the New API key Popup section, You can see the different fields like origin, Note, and Referral Link, simply fill in this box.
  4. After filling the form you can get Your API key and secret key which is also your login details or medium to logging in to owlracle. ( Make sure your keep your API key and Secret in safe place )
  5. Once your get your Key details, You can navigate to Referral menu.
  6. When you click on the referral menu you need to submit your API key info.
  7. You can see more in deep information about Referrals Program, Now, You need to create your Ref link to join the program.
  8. You can now click on Create My Referrals Link Button, Then it will ask for you to enter your API secrets.
  9. Once you Enter your API secrets on the form, You will get your referrals link. Now you can promote your referral links to start earning through the Owlracle Program.

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